Cattery a Day at The Races

"a Day at the Races"; is vernoemd naar een Album van Queen

Planning 2014 -



__________________                             2014      ____________________________________


a Day at the Races Mrs.Jones              -----                       Jasper From Murlandyia *D


1 Lilac en 3 blauwe kitten geboren.


                                                             Planning 2015

____Spring   ________________________________________________________________________________

                    Raja Nea Selini *PL Brig 03                       ------       Charlie Brown's Anthem  (bri-A)


                 Brimere's Waltzing Mathilda    (bri-a)           -------    Ch. Bartolomeo From Sham *D (bri-c)    




                     Lilac Blossom Sideris *PL (bri-c)            ----------     Brimere's Macka's Last Uncas. (bri-e)



                  a Day at the Races Madness(bri-a)                  --------      Lavender Sideris *Pl(bri-a)











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